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Jason Ruiter

BC Championship Post Wrap Up

Ayla and Christopher, good job performing well the first time out. Its not easy to stand up in front of hundreds of people and compete at a high level.

Patterns, I had the chance to watch and while we had some good results generally we are poor at patterns. The good thing about that is that we have a lot of room for improvement. Basically we need to focus on the small details and nuances. This means not only listening to what instructor Phillip and I say but actually applying it. A shout out has to go out Carmelo and Corey who got first and Emma, Ayla and Arlo that performed real well.

Sparring, we stepped aside a little here and let some other schools gain ground on us and it has to do with self-belief. Charlize said before her fight that she was going to die. This was Charlize honestly communicating her feelings. Well if that was the case Charlize faced death and almost won. Now I know most people feel this way when put in a situation where they have to fight a physically superior person but that puts you in a diasadvantage even before you throw the first kick. Charlize almost won because I made her believe in herself while she was fighting. I could have only done this because she told me how she felt, most people are too scared to say they are nervous. My thoughts on this are that if you are going to die or you have resigned yourself to getting killed you might as well find the courage to go out in a blaze of glory. Fight your hardest. Reach for the stars and land on the moon. A lot can be accomplished by courage and guts.

Khoi and Jacob, you guys were a little out of sorts. Khoi you were dealing with nerves and Jacob your distance was a bit off. All of these things improve with training.

Mostly our players lost because we lost our leads because of poor conditioning and maybe some shady scoring but really you never leave your fate to the judges. You will never succeed relying on other people to help you.

Speaking of determination, a  special shout out goes to Arlo, Darryl, Sal (first time gold) and Josipa for getting gold in sparring. I am still confused by what is and what isn't excessive contact when it comes to controlled head kick.

Other special shout outs go to Christopher who fought for the first time and was foaming at the mouth like a pitbull with rabies. He was so pumped to fight. I think he may even have punched Sal in the face (Sal needed to wake up anyway).

Last but not least, Kevin. Kevin, blackbelt sparring is the real deal. Yesterday you learned the hardest lesson and that is that training means "serious" training. Black belts train hard for sparring tournaments. I hope you look back on yesterday and use it as fuel to train hard. Don't dwell on your losss for too long, get back in the dojang and train to make your kicks knock the wind out of your opponents. You fought like a possessed demon and came up short - there is no shame in that.
March 2, 2014