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Jason Ruiter

5 Reasons Adults Should Try a Martial Art

1. Its fun! Unlike other forms of exercise, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is actually really fun to do. This is the biggest benefit because it ends up being and exercise routine that you can stick to... for the long term.

2. Commeraderie - You will become fairly close with the people you train with. You will share the ups and downs and go through the hard training sessions together. You will also be surprised at how un-intimidating everyone really is.

3. Safety -  you have less chance of hurting yourself or someone doing martial arts training than you do playing other sports with unpredictable movements.

4. Practicality - While doing your workouts it is easy to forget that you're learning to protect yourself with each punch, kick and roll. Unlike other sports, there is a usefullness to what you are doing.

5. Stress relief - combative sports helps you by either channelling your stress into your training (hitting targets / heavy bag) or by clearing your mind in order to practice forms or learnign new intricate techniques (being lost in the technique). Both methods help in clearing the fog that is everyday stress.

On a personal note, I have been practicing for over 28 years and have met many people who have started training after 30 years of age and hae realized the benefits of a lifelong practice and exercise routine. I myself started Aikido training at 35 years of age and am very much a beginner. There is no better feeling than being a beginner and learning something completely new with all the triumph and frustration that goes along with it.
February 10, 2014